Company Profile

Dunhill Corporation Ltd, a biggest leading International Trading  company, serving Plastic Raw Materials & Chemical industries, showing the trust of its business partners by providing the innovative & best quality products while upholding the commitments & promises and thinking beyond just delivering products and services since 1994. Dunhill Corporation  has come a long way since its inception, modest beginning from a trading house to a Group of  company  for its  professional expertise.



In managing all the needs of chemicals, raw materials to  all  plastic Industries   and truly feeding them  with quality  raw materials, Chemicals from the best sources of the world at very competitive prices. This success has embarked new horizons for the company by venturing into Plastic & Chemical industry thereby expanding the company’s strengths to more business areas & customers.

Dunhill Group
has strong plans in various  PVC and rubber  products line very soon with  will strengthen side by side of our existing business operations & will also create more diversification to make greater impact on industry  & development of Bangladesh..



Dunhill Corporation Ltd is a professionally managed company, founded by Mr. A.M.M Ruhul Amin , a dynamic professional with zeal and commitment to customer service and a pragmatic approach to marketing. The management is open to change, and decisions are taken with the active participation of the concerned staff members.


Our main focus is  PVC Resin (Suspension & Emulsion), ABS, SBR,NBR, PE, PP, PET, HDPE, LDPE,  LLDPE , GPPS,HIPS,Calcium Carbonate, Chalk Powder, Stearic Acid, Paraffin wax, One Pack PVC Stabilizer, Liquid Stabilizers and Tin Stabilizers, PVC Compound, DOP, EVA, CPW, ESBO, Octanol, Gum Rosin, Carbon Black, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Ingot,Tin Ingot,Zinc stearate , Liithopone, Pthalic Anhydride , HYDROGEN PEROXIDE 35%, 50%, 60%, and all other industrial chemicals.

We are familiar in all  Polymer Resin, Industrial Chemicals, Paint Chemicals , Textile Chemicals  and all plastic  raw materials with our best service and focus on share our experiences for  mutual benefits. We are always looking to forge new partnerships, so if you are in the polymer market and looking to connect with a leading plastic raw material and chemical dealing  company, we would be delighted to hear from you.